Southland 7 x 14 Enclosed Cargo Barn


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Product Description

Southland 7 x 14 Enclosed Cargo Barn LCHT35-714-78

We carry: enclosed trailers, car haulers, equipment haulers, equipmment deckovers,
dump trailers, horse trailers, sled trailers, atv trailers, utility trailers


GVWR: 7000 lbs
Weight: 1115 lbs
Capacity: 5885 lbs


Canadian Built
Barn Doors
Overall Length: 18’
Overall Width: 8.5’
Overall Height: 8.5’
Barn Door
Interior Length: 173”
Interior Width: 81”
Interior Height: 78”
Rear Door Width: 73”
Rear Door Height: 72”
Door: 30″ x 72″
Lightning 7X14T LCHT35-714-78
Platform Height: 21”
Main Frame Tubing: 4”x2”
Axle: 3500(2) lbs
Brakes: Electric -Both Axles
Tires: ST205/D15 C
Rims: 15” Steel Rims
Jack: 2000 lbs. Top Crank
Coupler: 2-5/16”
Automotive Style Undercoating
Seals the full underside of the plywood Protects the 5/8” plywood from the elements
12” Checkerplate Front
Anodized 12” checker plate gravel guard
4 or 7 Prong RV Plug
Injected molded one-piece RV plug
Galvanized Hardware
Brass bushings
Zinc coating provides superior finish
Door Locks
Framing / Welding
.030 Aluminum Exterior Durable baked enamel finish Never rusts
3/8” Plywood – Interior Walls

Year: 2018

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